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Beautiful SMS Messages - Life is beautiful only when you believe in living each day as the only day of your life. Share some beautiful unique messages with your friends. These beautiful messages will definitely give you a new perspective for life. They are so much full of life and enthusiasm. Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder and if you believe in it then you will definitely understand the importance of these beautiful messages.
These messages are like a magic wand. They will make everything beautiful with a touch. These messages are totally infectious. You cannot miss even a single message if you start reading them. Spread the beautiful words and create a better world for everyone!

Wrapped Love

Red or white
short or tall
wrapped in silver
not wrapped at all
under covers
inside a box
shapes & sizes
love comes in lots.

Analyze before you Finalize

Reflection cannot be seen in Boiling Water..
The same way Truth cannot be seen
in a state of Anger.
Analyze before you Finalize

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Love saying from a Great Philospher

Excellent Saying By a great philosopher:
Love Is that Beautiful Forest Where
Brave Tigers are Killed by the
attractive eyes of Beautiful Deer..!!

Insaan Ka Waqt

Titan : Tu bhi waqt batata hai,
mein bhi waqt batata hu,
lekin phir bhi
teri izzat zyada kyu hai??
Rolex : Dost....
Tu insaan ko waqt batata hai
Aur mein...
"Insaan Ka Waqt" Batata hu.

People who are Beautiful

Lets talk...
about people who are Nice & Elegant..
about people who r cute & Beautiful..
about people who r Loveable by nature..
Lets talk about people like "U"..!

Vishvas hasil krne me zindgi lag jati hai

Vishvas ek chota shabd
Isko padho to ek second lagta hai.
Socho to minute lagta hai.
Samjho to din lgta hai.
par hasil krne me zindgi lag jati hai...

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If you wanna see Me

U may miss me
U may ignore me
U may even forget me
But one day If u wanna c me
Don't search, just c ur shadow
I wil be there...Trust Me!!

Drop of water falls into river

When a drop of water falls into river,
it has no identity..
Bt when it falls on leaf of a Lotus,
it shines like a pearl...
So choose the best place
where u can shine !

Loving Heart Vs Brilliant Mind

Being kind is more
Important than being right!
Sometimes people need
a loving heart to listen,
not a brilliant mind to speak.

In a deep trouble called Love

When you feel cold and warm at the same time,
when you read over the same line for the tenth time,
when your heart and thoughts somehow appear to rhyme,
and when a simple name conquers your whole mind,
then you are in deep trouble my friend
you are in what they call, love.

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