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Best Friends SMS Messages - Friendship is the only relation that one chooses by himself and for himself. It is not a connection made by birth but a bond shared by two and cherished by all. Some friends are like passing season, they come and leave! But a few are like sunrise and sunset, they will always be there! Such deep friendship between two, make best of friends. Share some heart warming best friends forever messages with your special friends and make them happy through SMS! Send loving best friend SMS, cute best friend SMS, upset best friend SMS and so on.

Tumko Apna Best Friend Select Kiya

Tere"LOVELY LOVELY"words ne,
Maine Sab Ko"REJECT" Karke,
Tumko Mera "BEST FRIEND" Select Kiya

The Unmade sound of Heart

Wen Emotions Play Their Role Heart Cries,
Wen Heart Cries It Does Nt Mk Any Sound &
Da Persn Who Listens Da Unmade Sound Is Called A True Friend

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The life is a ocean and We are Boats

The life is like a ocean and we are like boats.
I want you every moment in my life as a good friend.
You are like a golden ring which is very important for me and my life.
My life is without you like a boat without a rudder.
I miss you a lot.

Difference In a True friend and a Lover

A lover will usually tell u
That I will be with u in all ur troubles.
A true friend forever will say that
U will never have troubles when I’m with u

When u really need a Friend

Wen u count best friend,
don’t count me.
Wen u count close frnd,
don’t count me.
But wen u really need a frnd,
Start from me!!

A Best Friend always stand by you

A best friend can change your life
without considering your
social status or physical attributes.
A best friend will always stand by your side
whenever you need him
whether in happiness or during low time.

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Sweet Friend is like a Pillow

A sweet friend is like a pillow
when u r tired u sleep on it
when u r sad u drop tears on it
when u r angry u punch it
when u r happy u hug it.

Best friends are like the index page

Friends are like a page in a book of life,
Every page with a different subject...
But best friends are like the index page,
covering every subjects.
Gud mrng.

Getting true friend is like rain

Getting friend is like Sunrise It happens daily!!!,
Getting true friend is like rain it occurs yearly!!!
But getting best friend like U([email protected]!) Tsunami ,
It occurs rarely....

I will be ur True friend for ever...

My heart's like an open book,
it depends on how u read me.
Don"t judge me by my cover..
Look in and discover..
i will be ur True friend for ever...

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