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Birthday Sms For Wife Messages - Start sending loving Birthday SMS, romantic Birthday SMS, meaningful birthday quotes, many many happy returns for the day sms, happy birthday wishes and love forever sms. Your wife's birthday is round the corner and you need to make several preparations for her special day. Simple flowers, chocolates and presents won't be enough to please her this time. What she truly wants and expects is your gratitude towards her, your respect, love and care.

Pholo ne bola khushbo se...

Pholo ne bola khushbo se
Khushbo ne bola badal se
Badal ne bola lehro se
Lehro ne bola sahil se
Wohi hum kehtey hen dil se

Tumhari is ada ka kya jawab du..

Tumhari is ada ka kya jawab du,
apne biwi ko kya uphar du,
koi accha sa phool hota to mali se mangvata,
jo khud gulab hai usko kya gulab du…
Junam Din Mubarak Ho Jaan..

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Gul ko Ghulshan Mubarak...

Gul ko Ghulshan Mubarak..
Shair ko Shahiry Mubarak..
Chand ko Chandni Mubarak..
Ashiq ko uski Mehbooba Mubarak…
Hamari taraf se Begum ko …
Naya Janam Din Mubarak

Spend your Time with Wife !

You can spend
hundreds on birthdays,
thousands on festivals,
lakhs on weddings,
but to celebrate
all you have to spend is your TIME with Wife!

Sky lost his most beautiful Angel...

It must have been a rainy day
when you were born,
but it wasn’t really rain,
the sky was crying because
it lost his most beautiful angel
happy birthday dear wife

Someone thinks about you...

It’s a nice feeling when you know
that someone likes you,
someone thinks about you,
someone needs you;
but it feels much better when
you know that someone
never ever forgets your birthday.

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My Love 4 u will always be true...

u r so beautiful
my love 4u will always b true,
here is a wish 4 my darling
may all your dreams come true
I wish u a very happy birthday.
with lots of love and kisses
from a heart that beats
just 4 you by me.

If wishes were rain...

If wishes were rain id send you showers,
If fun was time id send you hours,
If you needed a friend id send u me!
*Happy Birthday To You Sweetheart*

Lovely msg for a Lovely Person

Lovely msg for a Lovely Person
from Lovely Husband
For a Lovely Reason
at a Lovely Time
from a Lovely Mind
in a Lovely Mood
in a Lovely Style
to wish you
Have a Lovely Birthday my dear Wife!

Enjoy every moment...

Life is very short,
So enjoy every moment,
Don’t lose your confidence
Go always ahead.
Happy Birthday my Dear!

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