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Bless Sms Messages - This site offers best bless sms collection. Bless sms in Hindi, bless sms in English and bless sms in Urdu are also available. Send god bless you messages and Allah bless you sms through text messages. Blessings are the best gift that anyone can gift or receive. Send Bless you SMS through your mobile. Make the other person feel good and protected by God. If there is room for fun then you can forward bless sms jokes and funny bless sms to your friends and family.

Every thing happens for a reason

God has a reason for allowing things to happen.
We may never understand His wisdom but
we simply have to trust His will.
God bless you all the way.

GOD is the one who cheers you up

Life cud b so bad.
Situation might be so hard
but the KNowledge that you have
GOD is something that cheers you up.

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We are anchored to God

"In the ocean of lyf,
GOD is our bouyant force,
no matter how strong d wind
& how gigantic d waves r,
we will not sink bcoz
we r anchored 2 HIM"

Give GOD the best of yourself

Dont work too hard to give
yourself the best of everything,
instead make a greater effort
to give GOD the best of yourself.

Blesing may come as a surprise

God's blesing may come as a surprise
And how much u receive
Depends on how much
ur heart can believe.
May u be blessd beyond wat u expect..!

GOD tests our Gratitude

In prosperity,
GOD tests our gratitude;
in poverty,our contentment;
in darkness,our faith;
at all times our obidience!
GOD Bless U!

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Blessed by our Friendship

I woke up 2day smiling
as I recall our friendship
because I know that years from now,
I will still be waking up
smiling 4 the same reason.

Jeevan Ke Mod Dua Hai Hamari

Jeevan k iss mod par yeh dua hai hamari,
sada khushiyo say jholi bhari rahe tumhari,
Usmay ho aansu khushi ki aur yaadein hamari.

All the smiles u received

Of all d smiles u received today,
der was a smile u didn't c.
a smile not from d lips,
but straight from d heart -
a smile that came from me.

Problems In Life

When u face problems in life,
don't ask GOD to take them away.
Ask Him to show His purpose-
ask ways how to live a day
searching his purpose for you.

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