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National Boss Day

National Boss Day offers employees
an opportunity to recognize
those in supervisory positions.
Popular ways to say “thanks” include cards,
a lunch in the boss’s honour,
flowers, or gift certificates. 
Happy Boss Day

Success is part of the Rewards

towards a goal/ success is part of the rewards.
Achieving goal itself is not the whole reward... 
Happy Boss Day

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You inspire others to be their Best

You always give your best and
inspire others to be their best. 
That kind of leadership is more
than a skill, it's a talent... 
one that is appreciated and valued
by all those fortunate to work with you. 
Happy Boss's Day

Wishes For a Great Boss

With special thanks
for being so wonderful to work with. 
With special wishes for the
wonderful Boss's Day you deserve. 
Happy Boss Day.

With you as our Leader and Boss

Happy Boss’ Day!
The world is a better place,
because of motivating people like you,
who actually do take the time to do things,
the way you always do.
With you as our leader and boss,
we’re really rolling stones that gather no moss!

Leadership is not a skill

Leadership isn't a skill, it's a talent! 
You just happen to be a leader
with tons and tons of talent.
You give us your best everyday
while also ensuring we give back our best.
With you, it never feels like
we are working under someone,
it always feels like
we are working with someone
and that’s always a great feeling.
It’s a pleasure working with you! 
Happy Boss’ Day!

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The special kind of Niceness

A Wish for You ON BOSS'S DAY. 
Hope today is especially filled with
the special kind of niceness
you always bring to work! 
Happy Boss's Day

You deserve to be on Mount Rushmore

A boss like you deserves
to be on Mount Rushmore. 
Dress warm. We'll hold down
the fort until you get back. 
Happy Boss's Day

You always give your Best

You always give your best 
And inspire others to do likewise 
That you are appreciated 
Should come as no surprise 
Your kind of leadership skills 
Is a talent, that's true. 
One that's appreciated and valued 
It's good working for, and with, you. 
Happy Boss's Day

The Best Leader has sense enough

The best leader is the one
who has sense enough to 
Pick good men to do what he wants done 
And self restraint enough to keep
from meddling with them while they do it.


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