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Leadership is not a skill

Leadership isn't a skill, it's a talent 
we appreciate how you always give your 
best & inspire us to do the same. 
We're glad to work with you.
Happy Boss's Day.

Try to get in good with the boss

Some people think Boss's Day
is a just a way to try to get
in good with the boss.
I promise I would never do
that to anyone as smart,
respected, & gifted as you. 
Have a great one.

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Arguing with your boss

Arguing with your boss
is like mud-wrestling with a pig.
After a while you will realise
that while you get dirty,
the pig actually enjoys it”

A wish for you on BOSS DAY

Hope today is especially 
Filled with the special kind of Niceness, 
you always bring to work 
Happy Boss's Day !

You are everything I wish to be

You're everything I wish to be 
You mean all the world to me. 
I'm so glad we celebrate this day yearly 
Because you're the greatest
boss & I Love you dearly 
Now that all of this butt-kissing 
Is through You'll give me a raise
if you know what's good for you.

People who have helped you

The only people with whom you should try
to get even are those who have helped you.
For me, you are one such person. 
Happy Boss Day!

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The Smallest act of Kindness

The smallest act of kindness
is worth more than the grandest intention. 
Thanks for helping me always. 
Happy Boss Day!

Prayer of an Employee to God

Prayer of an Employee: 
Dear God, 
Give me the wisdom to understand my boss, 
Give me the love to forgive him, 
Give me the patience to understand his deeds 
But dearest God, don't give me power
because if you give me power, 
I will break his head

I Thank you for your Kindness

I thank you for your kindness 
I will not soon forget 
You're one of the nicest people 
I have ever met.

Why did you leave the job?

Boss: Why did you leave the job? 
Applicant: Illness 
Boss: What was the trouble? 
Applicant: My boss was sick of me!


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