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Kya Tum Face-Book Use Krti Ho?

Boy to Girlfriend: Tum FACE book use krti ho?
GF: Nai mai Qudrti Khobsurat hon
Le bhai
Bachi landhi ki nikli('.')
abay face <)(> wash thori poocha hy.

Fix that annoying noise in your car

The quickest way to fix that
annoying noise in your car is.
Just open the door and push her out..!!

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Maine New iPhone Liya Hai

Boy: Mein nay new iPhone liya hai.

Girl: wowwwwww, kon si company ka hai??

Boy: kuch nai...tu ghar ja!!

If a guy takes the girl out for a drive

Now in our c0untry,
if a guy takes the girl out for a
long drive in his petrol car,
atleast she should knows
that he's serious about her!

Height of Absent Mindness

Girl: My father's getting me
married to his friend's son..
I can't live without you..
Plz do something..

Boy: HmMMm or sunao, koi nai tazi..

A Girl dials her number on B.f phone

A fat girl dialled her own nmbr
on her boyfriend's mobile to see her name
saved in list like Doll or sweety
She was shocked to see

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Petrol Phir Mehanga Ho Gya

Boyfriend: Yar Petrol phir Mehanga ho gya.
Girlfriend: Jitna Marzi Mehanga ho jaye
tu ne dalwaana To 20 Ka hi hai.....! :

Meri Mangni Ho Chuki Hai

Boy: I love u
Girl: meri mangni ho chuki ha or mera 1 boy frend b ha
or mera 1 class fellow se chakar b chal raha ha
Boy: Teri Mehrbani menu v kitay Adjust kr ley.

Larki Chand Jesi Nhi Honi Chahiye

Larki us Chand jesi Nhi honi chahiye

Jisy Hr Koi Be-Nqab Dekhy


Lrki us SORAJ jesi honi chahiye

Jise Dekhny Se Pehly Hi Aankhe Jhuk Jaye !

Gossip about someone for hours

You are perfectly a GIRL or a WOMAN
if you can gossip about someone for hours
and in the end say 'chhorro yaar,
hmein kya..??


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