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Break Up SMS Messages - Send break up sms to girlfriend or boyfriend to convey your heart break. This site offers break up sms in English and break up sms in Hindi. Your lover will feel the same way as you do, if they read these broken heart sms, sad break up sms, goodbye sms and hurt sms. Misunderstandings between couples van lead to break ups and relationship failures. It is always better to clear doubts and express your emotions through sentimental break up sms for lovers.

Touching Lines from a Broken Heart

Touching lines from a broken heart:
In my dreams she is mine....
But in my life she is a dream.....

My Heart Whispering your Name

I heard someone whisper ur name,
but when I turned around to c who it was,
I notice I was alone,
then I realize it was my heart telling me that

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You Don’t Love Me and never will

I loved you once,
you loved me not,
I loved you twice,
but then i thought,
you don't love me,
and never will,
but even so,
i love you still!!!

Met my new Girlfriend

I'm sure you've met my new girlfriend,
she's been your best friend for 8 years.

Love Left us Both

OncE A Guy wHo recenTLy
hAd a brEaKoff with Her giRL friend
was aSkEd ….HAv U leFt uR girL frieNd
or sHe left u???
He smileD And answerED..
L0vE LefT us!!!

The Emotion Called Happiness

The only thing worse than being alone,
Is being with you.
The Emotion Called Happiness
I get so emotional when you’re not around..
I think the emotion is called happiness.

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It Hurts When Heart Breaks

It hurts when heart breaks
It breaks whn luv leaves
ur life just freezes
It gives invisible bruises
ur feelings get shattered

Touching Lines said by a true Lover

Most touching lines said by a true lover
to his love while break up...
"chal-chal hurrrrrrrrr..."

Just Before The Break of Day

I Woke Up This Morning
Just Before The Break Of Day.
I Was Bitter, Blue And Black, Lawd.
There Ain't Nothing Else To Say.

Love Hurts the Most

Love hurts when you breakup with someone.
Hurts even more when someone breaks up with you
But love hurts the most,
when the person you love
has no idea how you feel.

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