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Broken Heart SMS Messages - This site offers some of the best broken heart sms for lovers. Sad love sms and heart break messages express your inarticulate emotions. Send broken heart sms for girlfriend, broken heart sms for boyfriend, broken heart sms in English, broken heart sms in Hindi to confess your feelings. Heart and trust are like glass, it can be easily broken and it is very hard to repair. But sorrow and pain are reduced when shared, especially through broken heart sms.

Memories Residing in my Heart

Sunshine was never the same
Feelings were never easy
Memories are all I have
Residing in my heart as an album
Each day passes by
With memories of yesterday
Not wanting to accept
Bitter truth that you are gone

Never stopped Loving you

I never stopped loving u
bt i just stopped showing it.

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You Promised Me

U promised 2 take care of me but u hurt me,
U promised me 2 bring me joy but u brought me tears,
U promised me ur Love but u gave me PAIN… ME?
I promised u Nothing but I gave u Everything!

U Hurt Me More Than I Deserve

Words By Broken Lover~
U Hurt Me More Than I Deserve.
Is It Just B’coz
I Loved U More Than U Deserve.

The Reason why I Cry

I Cry Because I Know
She Doesn't Feel The Way I Do.
I Cry Because I Think Of
How Pathetic I Am
I Cry Because...I Think
I'll Be Crying Forever.....

Garm Hath Wafa Ki Nishani

Sardiyo ki ek sard shaam
usne mera hath tham kar kahi ki,
garm hath wafa ki nishani hote hai,
Muje ab khayal aaya ki
us waqt uske hath thande kyo the.

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Proud of my Heart

I'm proud of my heart.
It's been played, stabbed, cheated,
burned and broken,
but somehow still works.

Wish To Donate U My Blood

Before Dying I Wish To Donate U My Blood
So That At Least My Blood
Can Reach Your Heart Where I Could Not.

How Bad Your Heart Is Broken

No Matter
How Bad Your
Heart Is Broken...
The World
Doesn't Stop For
Your Grief ... !!
Stay Happy n Blessed

One Sided Expectations kills you

Never get too attached to anyone
unless dey also feel d same towards u,
coz, 1 sided expectations kill u 4m inside and
lead 2 nothing but a broken heart 4ever.

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