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College Life Jokes SMS Messages - Nothing can be compared to the college life. The enthusiasm and the fun at this age are remembered throughout life. You will find cool college life jokes in Hindi and college life jokes in English here. Send these funny College life jokes SMS messages to your college friends. These College Life Jokes SMS Messages jokes are funny and witty. A smile will definitely appear on your face remembering the golden day of college life after reading these messages. Send best college life jokes SMS messages to you friends and make them laugh as well.

Exam Me Pas Hone Ka Inam

Papa Ap Ko Yad Ha
Ap Ne Kaha Tha K Agar Exam Me Pas Hua
To 5000 Rs. Inam Denge.
Han Han Bilkul Yad Ha
To Mubarak Ho
Ap K 5000 Bach Gaye

B.Tech campus selection

A B.Tech student took his
girlfriend to his home
after completing
Father asked who is she..
Son replied..
My campus selection!!

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College ka Syllabus

Kehdo un parhne walon se,
Kabhi hum bhi parha kertay thay,
Jitna syllabus parh k wo top kertay hain,
Utna to hum option me chor dia kertay they,

Qualities of College students

7 great qualities of students:
1- CONSISTENCY: Once a zero, always a zero.
2- VOICE MODULATION: Attendance in 5 different voices.
3- PRESENTATION SKILL: Presenting 1 answer
in 5 different ways for 5 different Questions.
4- ART: Designing Classroom Tables.
5- STAMINA: Tolerate teachers for 90 mint lectures.
6- PERIPHERAL VISION: Checking out a girl and guy sitting behind.
7- HUMANITY: Giving others chance 2 Top.

In College Life...!

In College Life You Will Realize That
There Is A Purpose For Every Person You Meet...
Some Are There To Test You,
Some Will Use You,
Some Will Teach You,
Some Will Bring Out The Best In You
Some May Cause You Pain,
But You Will Learn To Move On...
So Let Go Off The People
Who can't Treat You Right
Hold Onto Those Who Love You
'n See Your Real Worth... :

A Senti msg from a Student

Stone Is Enough To
Break A Glass.
1 Sentence Is Enough To
Break A Heart.
1 Second Is Enough To
Fall in Love...
Why The Hell
1 Lesson Is Not Enough To
Pass Inn Exams???

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Marital Status

Instead of
"Single" as a
Owned and

Zindagi Agar Ek Computer Hoti

Aankhon mein agar WEBCAM hota
to Tasviron ko receive kar sakte
Dimaag mein agar PRINTER hota
to Khayaalon ka PRINT OUT nikaal lete
man mein agar BLUETOOTH hota
to Bhavnaayon ko TRANSFER kar dete
Dil agar CPU hota
to sabki yaadon ko SAVE kar sakte
Dhadkan mein PENDRIVE hoti to,
Zindagi ka BACKUP le lete
Zindagi ek COMPUTER hoti,
to Bachpan RESTART kar lete....

Bachpan Ke Din Bhi Kya Din The

Heart Touching...
Wo bhi kya din the
'MUMMY'ki god aur'PAPA'
Na paise ki soch
Na life k funde..
Na kal ki chinta
Na future k sapne..
Ab kal ki hai fikar aur
adhure hai sapne..
Mud kar dekha toh bahut
door hai apne..
Manzilo ko dhundte kaha
khogaye hum,
Aakhir, itne bade kyu ho
gaye hum....

Missing those College Days

If u ever start missing
Ur college days,
Ur class,
Ur friend circle,
anything about college life..
Just open ur mark-sheets
Sara nasha utar jaega..

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