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Condolence SMS Messages - Find some sensitive condolence messages on this website. Also read condolence sms on death of father, condolence sms on death of mother, condolence sms on death of sibling and condolence sms on death of friend. Condolence is needed when a family member or a friend passes away. It is a way of presenting gratitude for the presence of the deceased in your life. condolence sms in English and condolence sms in Hindi are also available here. Forward condolence quotes to the friends and family of the deceased.

Your best friends will always be there

Sorry to hear hear about the loss of your father.
When it hurts to look back & you are to scared to go forward,
look beside you & your best friendz wil be there.

May You Have The Courage

It is extremly sad for us
to know of this incident,
May u hav da courage.

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In the time of sorrow

Like a bird singing in the rain,
let grateful memories survive in time of sorrow.

Condolences to the family

We are deeply saddened by his death.
We send our condolences to the family.
He will be given a full departmental funeral.

My heartfelt condolences to u

I was shocked to hear of the
sad demise of ur loving mother.
My heartfelt condolences to u and ur family.
I pray to the Almighty Lord to give u
courage,strenght and support.

Sudden death of your mother

Im deeply shocked at the sudden death of your mother.
May God give her eternal rest & may her soul rest in peace!
Accept our condolences and be strong & patient

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If it is a good thing

If it is a good thing-
accept it.
If it is a good deed-
do it.
If it is a harm thing-
avoid it.
If it is a sad incident-
forget it.

My Deepest Sympathy for all

The shockwaves from this senseless tragedy
were felt all over the world.
My deepest sympathy, may u all find peace.
They will never be forgotten.

To learn of Son's death

I am shocked and grief stricken
to learn of Son's death,
and express profound sorrow and
condolences for you and your family.

We make a second better

There will be little rubs and disappointments everywhere,
and we are all apt to expect too much;
but then, if one scheme of happiness fails,
human nature turns to another;
if the first calculation is wrong,
we make a second better:
we find comfort somewhere

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