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You are not what I need

When someone tells me,
"You are not what I need.."
I Say, "Of course not!!
Bcoz I'm more than
what u were looking for.."

Scope of Perfection

Attitude Reloaded:-
Some ppl say to me,
''Sudhar Jao''
Bt Hw to tell them dat,
"There is no scope Of
Improvement in perfection.."

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Emotions don't Have Words

“Emotions don’t Have Words,
Wishes don’t Have Scripts,
If you Smile, The World is with you,
Otherwise Even a Tear
doesn't Like to stay with You”

Thought for the Day

Positive thought for the day:
When you feel
no one cares or loves you,
everyone is ignoring you,
and people are jealous of you,
ask yourself:

Fear has Two meanings

Has Two meanings
F- Forget
E- Everything
A- And
R- Run
F- Face
E- Everything
A- And
R- Rise

A Stand for a Reason

If you stand for a REASON,
Be prepared to
And if you FALL on
the GROUND, FALL like a seed
that grows back to

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Being Single..!

Isn't a status.
But it's a word
that describes a person
who is strong enough
to live and enjoy life
Without depending on others..

Kin Kamino Ke Liye Mar Gaye

Must Read
INDIA:- Kabhi noto ke liye mar gaye,
Kabhi voto ke liye mar gaye..
kabhi sheela ki jawaani ke liye mar gaye..
kabhi jalebi bai diwaani ke liye mar gaye..
kabhi jaat..paat ke naam par mar gaye..
kabhi sarkaar ke kaam par mar gaye..
kabhi ham aapas men
do gaz zamino ke liye mar gaye..
hote aaj Veer Bhagat Singh to kehte..
yaar Sukhdev. Rajguru .
Ham bhi kin kamino ke liye mar gaye..!

Life equation for Humans

Life equation:
Therefore Humans Who
Don’t Njoy=PIGS AT WORK!

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