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Leave something for you

"I will Leave Something for You
When I Leave this World...
Few Memories in your Heart,
Few Tears in your Eyes,
My Name on your Lips,
My Absence in your Life".. !

First Person on your Mind

The First Person who’s on your Mind
The Moment you open your Eyes
after a Long Sleep is
... The Reason of
Either Your Happiness Or Your Pain.. !!

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Girls - The Angels of Earth

Girls Grow Up Listening To Fairytale
They Are Princess Of Their Parents
They Realize Slowly That
Life is Not A Fairytale
'n Compromise With Their Lives
Just For An Unknown Person 'n
Family Leave behind Everything
Their Family, Friends 'n
Home Lucky Are The Guys
Who Don't Have To Leave Anything
Who Live A Life Given By Their Wife
So Girls Are The Angles On Earth Value Them.. !
Dedicated to All GIRLS.. !

Girl's Laughter and Boy's Tears

Ultimate Truth:
"A Girls Laughter Is Much
More Cheerful Than Boys
A Boys Tears Is Much
More Meaningful Than Girls".. !

Loosing Yourself In Valuing Someone

Most Meaningful Message...
Biggest Mistake One Can Do Is...
Loosing Yourself In The Process
of Valuing Someone Too Much...
Forgetting That You Are Special Too.. !!

Speak how you feel

Always speak
how you feel
and never be
sorry for
being real.

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A Well built Physique

A well built physique is a status symbol.
It reflects the hard work you've put in..
You can't steal it, you can't borrow it
and cannot hold on to it without constant work.
It's from dedication..
self respect...
and dignity.

Someone liked their Boring Care

“When Someone Cares For Us,
We Think They R Boring Us.
When We Really Need Them,
Someone Else Have Already
Liked Their Boring Care!”
Realise It Before You Lose…

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