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Doctor SMS Messages - Doctors are regarded as gods as they help in restoration of human health. There are many types of Doctor SMS messages in this collection. Find several funny Doctor SMS messages and promote laughter. You can send these special Doctor SMS to your friends who are already doctors or wants to work in the medical field. Share these fun filled Doctor SMS messages in Hindi and English. These Doctor SMS Messages will definitely distress you. Get ready to read some witty Doctor SMS messages as well.

Funny Doctor joke

Doctor: Dont worry your
health is fine. You'll live to be
Patient: but, doctor, I already
ninety years old right now
Doctor: See, what did i tell you.frown

Doctor Complaining to engineer

A doctor is talking to a car engineer,
"Your fee is several times more per
hour then we get paid for medical

"Yeah, but you see, doc, you have
always the same model, it hasn't
changed since adam; but we have to
keep up to date with new models
coming every month."

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Doctor’s Prescription

Doctor’s prescription 4u.
A cute little smile 4breakfast.
More laughs 4lunch.
Lots of happiness 4dinner.
Doctor’s fee ? An sms when ur free !

Wonderful Days

May all your days be
As wonderful as
You Have made
all of mine !
Happy Doctor’s Day !

Doctor's doing a great job

You are doing a great job
Suring illness of people
And bringing them
Health and happiness
Wish you more success
On Doctor’s Day

Best wishes on Doctor's Day

You are a great doctor
Healing people with your touch
You are a wonderful person as well
Bringing joy and warmth to our hearts
Best wishes to you on
Doctor’s day

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Pink of Health

Thank you – Doc for everything
You have done to keep me
In the pink of health
And best of spirits!

Doctor in the Family

It is your deed
That makes us feel proud
It’s great to have a doctor in the family
Wish you a very

Dawn of Relief

Dawn of relief
Happy Doctor’s Day

Proud to be a Doctor

Wen thr r tears, u r hanky for sum1..
wen thr is pain, u r medicine for sum1..
wen thr is death, u r life for sum1..
be proud to b a doctor! Happy Doctor's Day!!


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