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Doctor's Day SMS Messages - Doctor’s Day is observed to appreciate the services of the doctors. They spend a lot of time in improve health conditions of the patients. They need a special treatment on this day. DO not forget to send these beautiful Doctor’s Day SMS Messages to all your doctor friends. These lovely Doctor’s Day SMS messages will make them feel special. In this Doctor SMS message collection in Hindi and English, you will find funny Doctor SMS messages as well as happy Doctor SMS messages.

Best health care in the world

India enjoys the best health care in the world,
but the best is no good if folks can’t afford it,
access it and doctor’s can’t provide it.
Happy Doctors Day

Loving Smile and Healing Touch

Your Loving Smile,
Your Healing Touch,
Your Moist Eyes and Your Caring Voice.
We Remember Them All
On This Auspicious Doctor’s Day.
Thank You for Being There For Us, Always.

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Flag Bearer Of Hope

Life Is Precious.
Every Life Is Important.
You Are That Flag Bearer Of Hope
Who Never Let Us Lose Hope In Life.
You Hold Our Hand In Most Difficult Of Times.
Thank You Doctor.

People Like You Are Real Heroes

Thank You Doctor For Making My Life
Such A Beautiful One.
It Would Have Been Difficult
To Pass My Obstacles In Life
Without Your Help And Support.
People Like You Are Real Heroes.
Thank You Once Again.

You Always Care For The Sick

Doctor, You Always Care For The Sick
And Treat Them So That They Can Get Back
To Their Life Without Considering Your Life.
We Pray For Your Good
Health On This Wonderful Day
Happy Doctor’s Day!


D-Dawn of relief
Happy Doctor’s Day

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Blessed to have the outstanding Doctors

I am so thankful and blessed
to have the outstanding Doctors,
their staff and caregivers
who go beyond the call of duty
to provide our country with
excellent and professional care!
Your gift of service is appreciated
more than you’ll ever know
Happy Doctors Day

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