Don't Leave Me SMS, Latest Don't Leave Me Messages for Mobile

Don't Leave Me SMS Messages - If you really love someone then you would definitely like to express your feelings for that person. Let the person know that you cannot live without him or her. Tell that person to stay with you forever through these beautiful Don’t Leave Me SMS messages. You have realized that you need to communicate the message that you cannot stay alone in his/her absence. You will find Don't Leave Me SMS Messages for girls and boys as well. Send them to your boyfriend or girlfriend. It is time to strengthen the bond of love so keep messaging!

How to Leave without You

You taught me how to love,
how to laugh, how to cry,
but when you left
you forgot to teach me
how to leave without you.

When u say Leave me alone

True Love is one who:
1.FORGIVES you before u say SORRY
3.WAITS FOREVER when you say ONE MIN
4.STAYS ON when u say LEAVE me alone.

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What she prayed..?

She prayed to god, to make my love success...!
But now I don't know what she had prayed,
To leave me alone...!"

Reason To Leave Life

Love is so strange.
sometimes it become
reason to live life!!!
And sometimes it becomes
reason to leave life..?

Want to live for you

Girl-am I pretty?
Girl-do you want to marry me?
Girl-will you cry if I leave you?
Boy-no. The girl got vexed
and started to cry.
The boy pulled her close to him
and said you are not pretty but prettiest,
I don't want to live with you
but I live for you,
if you leave me
I won't cry but I die.

Love Left Us

Someone asked a guy who recently
had a divorce did you
leave her or she left you?
He just smiled and replied
"Love left us"

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Unstopping Tears

No one in the world has the
capacity to stop their tears
when their loved one says:
Don’t leave me, I need u
Leave me, I don’t need u

Don't Leave me alone

I remember the cloudy evening
When your eyes touched
my face for the 1st time,
Your charismatic personality
really fascinated me,
And your gentle voice fell
like a bolt of lightning on my heart,
You gave me hope,
you gave me life,
dreams, comfort, love !
The more thought of you even
today makes me feel active and alive.
But the moment you leave me alone …
My world becomes dark and dull
and filled with chaos.
O my life! I want to be with you always!
please don’t leave me alone !

If you leave me Tonight

If you leave me tonight,
I'll wake up alone Don't tell me
I'll make it on my own
Don't leave me tonight,
This hard of stone
will sing till it dies.
If you leave me tonight.

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna

Aapki Dosti Ki Ek Nazar Chahiye
Dil Hai Beghar Usey Ek Ghar Chahiye
Bas Yuhin Saath Chalte Raho E Dost
Yeh Dosti Humein Umar Bhar Chahiye.

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