Earth Day SMS, Latest Earth Day Messages for Mobile

Earth Day SMS Messages - Earth Day is celebrated on April 22. This day is observed to raise awareness for the environmental issues. Environmental degradation has become a serious issue and it is high time that everyone realizes the importance of an issue free environment. Celebrate this day with your friends and family by sharing these lovely Earth Day SMS Messages with them. These wonderful Earth Day SMS text Messages in Hindi and English will definitely raise awareness. Be the part of a good cause and share these Earth Day SMS messages to all your loved ones.

We cannot eat money

Only when the last tree has died and
the last river been poisoned and
the last fish been caught will
we realize we cannot eat money.

Care takers of this Planet

There is hope if people will begin
to awaken that spiritual part of themselves,
that heartfelt knowledge that
we are care-takers of this planet.
Happy Earth Day..!!

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Pleasure in the pathless woods

There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
There is society, where none intrudes,
By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
I love not man the less, but Nature more.

What If Mother Earth sees In The Mirror

We Have Always Been Told
That When We Look In The Mirror
We Should Always Remind Ourselves
That We Are Beautiful Creatures.
I Was Thinking,
What If Mother Earth Sees Herself
In The Mirror?
Will She Be Able To Tell Herself
The Same Thing?
Or Will She Tell Us That
We Are Not Beautiful
Because Of What We Have Done?
Happy Earth Day

Hum Zameen Se Hain

Zameen hum se nhi hai,
hum zameen se hain,
Ao mil kr dunia se
aloodgi aur gand ka safaya krain,
Happy Earth day!!

The Earth Leaves Us In Awe

The Earth Leaves Us In Awe.
It Is Truly Breathtaking.
But The Dirty Air Around Us
Is Literally Taking Our Breath Away,
Little By Little,
Until Such Time That
We Are Able To Breathe Our Last
And The Flat line Becomes Out Fate.

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Who Should Be Blamed

Should Science Be Blamed For Pollution?
Should Technology Be Blamed
For Ozone Layer Depletion?
Should The Latest Gadgets Be Blamed
For Global Warming?
Aren't We The Ones Controlling Science?
Aren't We The Ones Using Technology And Gadgets?
Now, Who Should Be Blamed For Whatever
Is Happening To Earth Now?

Money is nothing if no Water

Money Is Nothing
If We Do Not Have Clean Water To Drink.
Material Possessions Are Useless
If We Get Sick
Because Of The Dirty Air Surrounding Us.
Everything We Own Is Nonsense
If Climate Change Drastically
And We Do Not Survive.
Happy Earth Day

Step To Save What Is Left Of Earth

If We Use Up Everything Today,
What Will Be Left For Us Tomorrow?
What Will Help Us Adapt And Survive
The Changes On Earth?
Well, Today Is Not Too Late Yet To Do Our Part.
Take That Little Step To Save
What Is Left Of Earth One By One

Mother Earth’s Revenge

We Are Afraid That Nature
Will One Day Get Back At Us.
But What We Should Really Be More Fearful
About Is What Human Beings Do Now
Because Those Things Can Make
Mother Earth’s Revenge Come Earlier Than Expected.

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