Eid SMS, Latest Eid Messages for Mobile

Eid SMS Messages - Pick up few Eid Ul Fitr special SMS conveying mubarak wishes and share with your friends and relatives to enjoy this festive season of Eid. Do not foget to wish all your dear ones. Eid is also known as the 'Feast of Breaking the Fast', 'Sugar Feast', 'Bayram' or 'the Sweet Festival'. Eid is widely celebrated mainly by Muslims. Eid signifies the end of Ramadan Fasting. Wish all your friends by sending them text messages apart from paying the Zakat and the Fitra. Pick few Eid special SMS and enjoy this festive season with all your dear ones.

First to wish u EID MUBARAK

Wish u a beautiful EID
let me be the first to wish u EID MUBARAK
wishing u happy eid mubarak
the beauty of our relationship
is love specially for u

Eid bring smiles and all things nice

Wishing you smiles and all things nice.
May this Eid bring all the comforts,
you have ever wanted, and
all the joy and laugher you have ever wished

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Time for Wishing lots of happiness

This day is a wishing time,
A time for wishing you very special
happiness with joy and good cheer, too,
It's also time for wishing you lots of happiness
that will be filled with all the
finest things with your memory EID MUBARAK

Your EID be the best in every way

You are someone who deserves the best.
So in this sms today is wished
that your EID will be the best in every way.
May all the beauty, contentment
and cheer of EID be yours,
And may it bring wonderful times
to brighten your world.

The day of Eid is for you

This day is for you
to revel in joys and merry laughter.
Gather wishes and blessings
like a cluster of flower.
May you be bestowed with treasures
that will delight you beyond measure.
Wish you a very happy EID

Eid Kay Din To Naha Lay Lalay

Lalay eid kay din to naha lay!
Khushbo to laga lay!
Eid to manna lay!
Hum ko galay to laga lay!
Eid kay moqay par bharpur EID MUBARAK!!!!!

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Remembering you on this Eid

Remembering u on Eid day
is a nice thing to do
Bcoz u r warmly thought of
everyday the whole year through
“Happy Eid Mubarak”

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