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Engineers Day SMS Messages - Engineers Day is celebrated every year on 15 September in India. It is the day when we commensurate and pay due respect to Visvesvaraya, who is considered to be the pre-eminent engineer of India. Engineer's Day is dedicated to the hard work and effort of each and every engineer. On this Engineers Day, pick and share few text messages from the website and make your near and dear ones happy. Share happy engineers day SMS, engineers day messages greetings, engineers day quotes, engineers day SMS and Happy Engineers Day.

To all Engineers across the Globe

To all Engineers across the Globe
And Salute to your great ideas
and innovations that brings up a
better change in our life And Lifestyle.

Utilization of the Materials

Engineering is an activity
other than purely manual and
physical work which brings about the utilization of
the materials and laws of nature
for the good of humanity.

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Ye Engineering College Hai Mere Dost

Engineering college student:
Rehne ki yahan sabki aukat nahi hoti
Bina beer aur daaru ke yahan raat nahi hoti
Ye engineering college hai mere dost y
Ahan bina maa bahan ke bat nahi hoti
Happy Engineers Day

Wishing Engineer’s Day

Engineers participate in the
activities which make the resources of nature
available in a form beneficial
to man and provide systems which
will perform optimally and economically.

Pre-Engineering Wale

Pre-Engineering wale marty nahi,
zinda dafnay jate hain
her ek paper mein buri tarha tarpai jate hain
koi khol k tu dekhte kafan ko un k
Qabar mein bhi 5 yearz solve karte pai jate hain
Happy Engineer's Day

Engineering Student v/s Sweeper

An Engineering Student to his Sweeper:
Brother: Mere Paas Degree hai,
Knowledge hai,
4 Logon Main Baithne ki izzat hai.
Tere Paas Kya Hai?
Sweeper: Mere Paas Naukri Hai.
Happy Engineer's Day

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Tribute to Sir M. Visvesvaraya

Dear friends,
Undoubtedly its a great day for engineers.
Being engineer to the core,
I want to pay tribute to
Sir M. Visvesvaraya on his Birthday.
And what I believe is,
Engineers are meant to create new world with beauty.
So, long live engineers……
Happy Engineers Day

Engineer's Quality

-A guy with a charming personality,
having attitude is an Army Officer!
-A guy with lots of attitude
and cuteness on face is a doctor!
-A guy with lots of brain
and money is a businessman!
-A guy with no money, no cuteness,
no personality and still attitude

Hum Engineer's

Hum wo ENGINEER Nahi Hai Jinke
Hatho me AC ya DC se jhatke Lag
jaate Hai.
Hum to un Mein Se Hai Jo
"Cigarette" Jalate Hai.....!
Enginner's thoko like...

Engineer's - The True Creators

Civil build the world..
CS/IT create the magic..
Mech/Auto move the world..
EEE give power to the world..
EC/TC connect the world and
make it smaller..
Hence Engineer's are true creators

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