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Exam SMS Messages - Exam time is very stressful for students. They need concentration, hard work and good luck. This is the time when you must wish them good luck for their examination. After reading best wishes for exam sms, a student will feel a lot better. Send best exam wishes through text messages. This site is full of good luck wishes for exam, pick any of these messages and forward to your stressed friend. Also send best of luck sms, all the best sms, good luck sms, do well in exam sms.

Students Ke Dilo Ki Awaj

Zindgi ka rukh mod denge
Sari bandishe tod denge
Ye semister Jese-Tese nikal jai
Next Semister mai to
paka record tod denge

Teen Ghante Ka Maha Episode

M.D.U. pesh karta h khas 3rd JAN.
se 3 ghante ka rangarang karyakram,
watch live in examination hall
n experience d thunder...
Aana jarur

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Exam ki Haqiqat

Haqiqat exam ki rusvai hoti h
Kbhi section A to kbhi B me bewafai hoti h
5 question ki traf kdam badhakar dekho to
2 me hi aukat dikhai deti he

Cry on seeing a question paper

If u cry on seeing d
question paper it is an insult.
If ur teacher cries on
seeing ur answer paper,
it is ur achievement..
Happy Exams Days.

Temple vs Exam centre

What's d difference between
people who pray in Temples
and people who pray in d Exam Centres?
Those in d exam centres are damn serious.

Jai ho Baba Ranchoddas

Baba ranchoddas says ;
exam mein apne paper se zyada
apne partner ke paper me concentrate karo
apna paper apne aap solve ho jayega......
all d best guys..:)

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3 Reasons to Give Exam

3 Reasons 2 Give Exam
1. U Can Spend 3 Hours In Self Meditation.
...2. U Can Complete Ur Sleep.
3. U Can See Ur Teachers
Being Bored Who Usually Bore U

The one who invented the Exams

Got it...mil gaya kamina...
was the first to invent the exams...!
4WARD to all students!

Attitude towards Exam

Attitude towards exam
Tommorow is my exam but i dont care
bcoz a single sheet of paper
can't decide my future.

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