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Flirt SMS Messages - A little flirting is essential if you want to impress someone or convince someone to come out for a date. Flirting is also considered to be healthy for a relationship. Find some of the best flirt sms that you can forward to your special ones. Funny flirt sms, cute flirting messages, romantic flirt sms flirt sms in English and flirt sms in Hindi are also available over here. Just forward these wonderful flirt SMS to girlfriend or boyfriend to make them happy.

Texting To The Most Beautiful Girl

Boy: Hi
Girl: Hey How Are You .
What Are You Doing ?
Boy: I Am Texting To The
Most Beautiful Girl Of The World.
Girl: (Emotionally) Awwwwww
. ...... :'( :D :D So Sweet Of You :) :) . . . . .
Boy: But She Is Not Replying
So I Am Texting You..XP :P

Flirting is still free

Dating Rs.10,
Hug Rs.20,
Kiss Rs.30,
Love Rs.50.
But you don't worry,
flirting is still free.

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Flirting is my Profession

India is my nation,
girls r my destination,
dating is my occupation,
flirting is my profession,
what the hell is dis education....

You make my Heart burning

The moment I first saw you,
you warmed my heart,
the second time you made little flames and
now you make my heart burn like hell!

We are all Chain Smokers

A Crush is like a cigarette...
Starts off wid a spark,
Appears 2 burn brightly during d middle,
bt finally ends in ashes.
Bt who cares v r all CHAIN SMOKERS..

Is your Daddy a Terrorist?

Your daddy must be a terrorist
B’coz he made a Bomb like you

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If you see a Falling Star

When the night comes,
look at the sky.
if you see a falling star,
don’t wonder why,
just make a wish.
trust me it will come true..becoz..
I tried and found u..

The Height of Flirting

What is the height of Flirting?
When your love letter starts with

Midnight Flirting on a Phone

Height of Flirting:-
Girl calls a boy:
Girl: Hello baby
Boy: Ohh janu bolo
Girl: Kahan ho yar subah se koi ata pata nahi!
Boy: Are hum to khoye hue hain aapki aankhon me..
Girl: Abhi kya kar rahe ho........??
Boy: tumhari pic dekh raha hun,
kahin aur man hi nahi lag raha..
Girl: Maine to tumhe koi pic di hi nahi!!
Boy: Are mere dil me chapi hai barson se..
Girl: But hum to parson hi mile hain!!
Boy: Tumhare bina har ek pal barson hai Pinky....
Girl: Pinky...?? Ye pinky kaun hai ??
main to nisha hu!!!
Boy: Tumse baat karke mai to sab bhul jata hun..
Girl: Tum prashant ho na....??
Boy: Gharwale to satya bulate hain,
lekin wo galat ho sakte hain tum nahi..
Girl: Ye 998XXXXXX hai na....??
Boy: Ab tak nahi tha par ab se
yehi hai…=D :P

Trained to Flirt

Never ask for a hug Just take it
Never ask Do U Luv me Say I Luv u
Never say I Can’t live widout u
Say I live 4 u
You've been trained
Now go & FLIRT !

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