Forgive SMS, Latest Forgive Messages for Mobile

Forgive SMS Messages - You need to be a strong person to forgive. If you believe in the process of forgiveness then share these wonderful forgive SMS Messages. They will make you realize the importance of forgiveness. Release all harsh feelings and look forward to better things. You can also say sorry with the help of these forgive SMS messages. You can also search for forgive SMS Messages for husband and forgive SMS messages for wife. Please forgive me SMS messages will communicate your feelings aptly. Ask for forgiveness or forgive others; both processes will make you a better person therefore you must not miss the opportunity to read best forgive SMS messages.

Forgiveness enlarges the future

Forgiveness does not change the past,
but it does enlarge the future

True friend Forgives you

True friend may forgive you,
but would never forget you...

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Manage to Forgive each other

Two people can't wish to be friends long
If they can't manage to
forgive each other's minor failings.

Forgive Smaller Defects

We Cannot Get
Very Far A
If We Are Not
Prepared To Forgive
Each Other’s
Smaller Defects …

Forgiveness is ultimate strength

"Simplicity is ultimate beauty"
"Forgiveness is ultimate strength"
"Politeness is ultimate argument"
"Friendship is ultimate relationship"

Forgive my Eyes admiring your beauty

Forgive my eyes 4 admiring your beauty.
U stole my heart the moment U looked at me,
call me crazy call me insane every time
my heart beats it mentions your name.

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Be the first one to say Sorry

Be d first one to say sorry
whn d othr persn seems to b hurt coz if u
and b d first one to forgive
if a person says sorry to u
cos relations matter more dan ego.

Tree's shading Woodcutter

The Tree does not withdraw
its Shade from the Woodcutter.
So Forgive the one who hurts you.
They will realize your Worth one day

Simple Maths for Life

*******Simple Math*******
"2get" and "2give"
creates many problems
So, Just double it....
"4get" and "4give"
solve many problems..

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