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Hilarious SMS Messages - Hilarious SMS Messages are really very funny. These messages are not ordinary funny but hysterically funny. Send these Hilarious SMS messages in English and Hindi to your friends and amuse them. You will really love to see the smile on their faces when they read these rib tickling messages. You will also find some silly SMS messages in this collection. Forward these Hilarious SMS messages and spread smiles. There is no need to stop laughing just read and keep smiling!

Paper clip and a Screw

The Boss to a lady aspirant to
the post of a Secretary:
Boss: "What is the difference between
paper clip and a screw?"
Lady: "I do not know.
I have never been paper clipped"

An old man for an annual check-up

A 40-year-old man is
getting his annual physical check-up:
- Doc, do you think I'll live
another 60 years so I can reach 100?
- That depends," says the doctor.
Do you smoke?
- No
- Do you drink?
- No
- Do you fool around with loose women?
- Of course not
- Well, then, why the hell
do you want to live
for another 60 years?

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Importance of a Period

Grammar Teacher: Do you know the
importance of a period?
Kid: Yeah, once my sister said
she has missed one,
my mom fainted,
dad got a heart attack &
suddenly our driver ran away -

Boy friend and Husband

Boy friend is fun,
Husband is gun,
Boy friend is light of moon,
Husband is month of june,
Boy friend is tooty fruity,
Husband is qismat phooti.

Men are like Computers

1)dey r useless until u turn dem on
2)dey have lots of data but r still clueless
3)as soon as u pick 1
a better model cums on the market!

Dogs are Better than Women

1)dogs obey wen u shout at dem
2)dogs don't shop
3)u can give away ur dogs children
4)any guy can get a good lookin dog!

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Guess My Name..??

In bio practical:
Examiner :Tell me the name of
this bird by seeing it’s legs only?
Sardar :I don’t know.
Examiner:You failed, what’s your name?
Sardar:See my legs & tell my name

World’s Thinnest Book

World’s Thinnest Book Is Published..
It Has Only 1 Page With Only 1 Word…
See How Simple Girls R

Shoot your Wife

Judge:why did u shoot ur wife
instead of shooting her lover?
Sardar: Your honour,
it’s easier to shoot a woman once,
than shooting one man every week.

Driving opposite to the Traffic

A Woman Is Driving
1st Time On The Highway.
Her Husband Calls & Says:
Be Careful,
It’s Just Been On The Radio
That Some One Is Driving
Opposite To The Traffic On The Highway.
She Replies : Someone..?
These Idiots Are In Hundreds!

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