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Importance Of Unity

The Importance Of ‘Unity‘
Explained At It’s Best:
What Did One Leg Of
A Woman Tell The Other:
“United We Are Saved,
Divided We Are [email protected]@@ked“

Mathematical equation proved

Teacher: Prove That AB/AG + 2MP +
4WD + 9MC = ABC?
Pappu: “A Boy Over A Girl +
2 Minute Pain + 4 White Drops +
9 Months Course = A Beautiful Child.

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70 year old for an Annual check up

70 year old goes for annual check up.
Doc says "I know it seems ridiculous but
I need a sperm count.
Take this jar and come back next week
with a sample" The following week the
guy is back apologizing for not having the sample.
He says "I tried it with my right hand
and with my left hand, My wife tried
it with her teeth in and with her teeth out
but we cannot get the lid off the jar"..

A Kid calls me Gay

Son To His Dad
Son: “Dad, There Is A Kid
In Our School, He Calls Me Gay‘
Dad: “Well Punch Him Harder Next Time”
Son: “No Way He Is So Cute“

Sweet and Meaningful Answer

Example Of A Short,
Sweet and Meaningful Answer
Girl: “Hey! How Are You Doing These Days?
Boy: “By Hand“

The Fountain Of Youth

Question: “Why Is The Male Organ Called
The Fountain Of Youth?”
Answer: “Because Whoever, Whenever,
Wherever Rubs It, Wrinkles Go Away“

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Software and Hardware

Boy:Hey can I touch ur software?
Girl: first show me ur hardware?
Boy: can I install it in ur system?
Girl: Ok…… but cover it with
antivirus, then install it.

Make Me Feel Like A Wife

A girl removed her jeans,
threw it at her boyfriend and said :
Boy removed his jeans,
threw it at the girl and said :
“Wash Both the Jeans !!”

Sky And Skirt

What Is The Difference Between Sky And
Sky Covers The Whole Universe..
Skirt Covers The Universal “HOLE”..!

Great Ideas In Bed

Husband Asked His Wife While Doing Sex
Husband: “Honey, Why Do I Get
All My Great Ideas In Bed Only?”
Smart Wife: “Because You’re Plugged
Into A Genius

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