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I Love You SMS Messages - The sweet and exotic feeling of falling for someone is so special that it leaves a person inarticulate in cloud nine. So are you falling in love with someone? If yes, then select some of the most heart touching love quotes to send it to your beloved. This is the best way to convey your feelings, so do not think twice. Just pick few I Love You SMS and messages and send it to your special one. Enjoy reading special I love you SMS, Romantic text messages and love quotes on our site.

If Living is without you

You are my life,
You are my love,
You will always be....
deep in my heart..........
I think life is nothing
If living is without you....
I love u so much

My Heart Is Locked

My Heart Is Locked Keys Are With U
Open And See How Much I Love You

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Every Love Song I Listen To

You Are The First Thing I Think About
When I Wake Up
Just Thinking Of You Put The
Biggest Smiles On My Face
Every Love Song I Listen To
I Think Of You
I Will Do Anything In This World For You
Coz You Are My World N Everything,
Baby I Love You!...

Hold me close to your Heart

I want you to caress mu lips
the way you always do
I want you to look into
my eyes and see my love for you
I want you to hold me close to your heart
I want you to know that.

You are the one whom I love

I may nt gt to see
you as often as I like.
I may nt gt to hold u
in my arms all through d night.
But deep in my heart I truly know,
you're d one to whom I love..

Fights b/w Loved ones

Most of D fights b/w
loved 1s r not due 2 problems,
its coz 1 loves too much &
other loves more than that!

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Not sure what Love can do

I’m not sure what life could bring…
I’m not sure if dreams come true,
I’m not sure what love can do…
but am very sure about one thing
"I love u a lot"…

I Love You Kasam Se

kasam se, I LOVE YOU
sach me, I LOVE YOU
doctor kehte hai ki
pagalo ka ilaj pyar se hi hota hai.
So again I LOVE YOU.

Out of all yours lies

Out of all yours lies
you said to me "I love u"
was my favorite...

Last breath to say

"If I has to choose between
loving u and breathing
I would use my last breathing
to say I love you"

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