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Inspiration is what gets us going in this day-to-day life. We need inspiration to do everything, any new or challenging task. Send inspirational sms in Hindi and inspirational sms in English to all your friends and relatives. Even students need motivation to get going, so send inspirational sms for students. Relationship troubles can also mend if you exchange inspirational sms for love. Also read some motivational sms to make your day.

The Days that Break you

The days that
break you
are the days
that make

The Great use of Life

The great use of life
is to spend it for
something that will outlast it

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Hardships often prepare you

often prepare
Ordinary People
for an

You can have anything you want

You can have anything you want,
If you want it badly enough.
You can be anything you want to be,
Do anything you set out
to accomplish if you
Hold to that desire
with singleness of purpose

Hopes and the Wastes

Think of the hopes that lie before you,
Not the waste that lies behind;
Think of the treasures you have gathered,
Not the ones you've failed to find.

The Winners of Life’s game

The winners of life’s game aren’t those
Who have never tasted failure
Those who have tasted failure
Again and again but never give up.

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Senses heightened with challenges

Ever notice how your senses
are heightened when you are
in challenging situations?
You're experiencing an
adrenaline rush that
gives you extra energy.
If you see every day
as a challenge, you’d be
surprised how efficient you can become,
And how much can be accomplished

World's Greatest Feats

Some of the world's greatest feats
were accomplished by people not smart
enough to know they were impossible.

He who controls others

He who controls others
may be powerful,
But he who has mastered
Himself is mightier still.

If you are not failing...

If you're not failing
every now and again,
It's a sign you're not
doing anything very innovative.


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