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Love SMS Messages - Love is the best feeling in the world and this special feeling should be cherished dearly. Love is the bond that unites the diversity and connects the entire world. Life is incomplete without love. And so is love and confession incomplete without heart touching love quotes. Find some of the best love messages and cute love SMS to forward to all your loved ones. Read further to enjoy love shayari SMS, romantic quotes, sweet messages, special love SMS and so on.

Everybody needs you

Everybody needs you, but
you need you first.
Don't help everyone else
and neglect yourself.
Love your neighbour as
you love yourself, not
instead of yourself.

Do not hide your feelings

Bell is soundless
until some1 rings it,
Song makes no sense
until some1 sings it,
Don't hide ur feelings coz
its not called feelings
until others feel it.

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Love and Death

Love and death are 2 un-invited guests
When will they come nobody knows
But both have similar effects
One takes the heart
Other takes its beats.

Love and Death are uninvited guests

Love n death r 2 uninvited guests,
When they will come nobody knows,
But both do the same work....
One takes heart and
the other takes its beats...

Do not fill your eyes with Tears

Nice to read and follow:
if you miss anything
don't fill your eyes with tears.
It may hide
yet another beautiful thing
standing in front of you.

Do what makes you Happy

Do what makes
you Happy.
Be with who
make you smile,
Laugh as much
as you breathe,
Love as long as
you live.


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