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Marriage SMS Messages - Marriage is a special bond between two individual. The connection between husband and wife lasts for a lifetime. Cherish this bond by sending happy marriage sms to new weds and also to old couples. This site contains some wonderful Marriage sms in Hindi, marriage sms in Marathi and marriage sms in English. You can send Happy Married life sms and Happy Marriage Anniversary sms to your married friends. Also find best marriage wishes sms, marriage congratulation sms and marriage sms to friend.

Too late for the garbage

She ran after the garbage truck,
yelling, "Am I too late for the garbage?"
Following her down the street
I yelled, "No, jump in."

When a man opens the car door

When a man opens the door
of his car for his wife,
you can be sure of one thing:
Either the car is new or the wife.

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When a couple smiles after marriage

When a newly married couple smiles,
everyone knows why.
When a ten-year married couple smiles,
everyone wonders why.

Husband and Wife in an Arguement

Husband : (calls up Hotel Manager from Room)
Please Come Fast,
I am Having an Argument with My Wife &
She Says She will Jump
from ur Hotel Window.
Manager : Sir, I am Sorry,
But this is Your Personal Issue
Husband : U Idiot!
The Window's not Opening.
This is a Maintenance Issue !!!

The Custody of a Child

Hillarious one...
Husband and Wife in Court Discussion ....
The Problem: Who should get
the Custody of the Child?
Wife jumped up and said:
"Your Honour I brought d child
into this world with Pain and Labour
So it should be in My Custody."
The Judge turns 2 Husband & says
"What do You have to say in your defense?"
The Husband sits for a while
contemplating then slowly says.....
"Your Honour. If I put a dollar
in a Vending Machine
and a Pepsi comes Out,
whose Pepsi is it? The Machine's or Mine?"
Yeh sunke...Wife replied:
"Judge Sahab...Bartan Mera...
Doodh bhi Mera...Aur Usme
Dahi jamane ke liye 2 boond
Daalne se Dahi bana
To fir Wo dahi kiska.?
Mera ya 2 Boond daalne wale ka"
Husband replied :
"Typewriter me kagaz Maine dala,
keys daba-daba kar Mehnat Maine ki,
fir Chithi kiski? Typewriter ki ya Meri?"
Frustrated Judge (Getting
mad): "Abey Saale Agar Tu
Chithi Haath se hi likh leta
To ye Noubat hi na Aati.

Funny Inspirational Messsage

- Make the best of it.
- Don't doubt anything.
- Enjoy it bcoz nothing lasts 4ever.
- Don't cry! Remembr that u had a gud time.
- Nvr stay alone! Ur friends are Der.
- Hug more people.
- Stop listening to sad music! It only make things worse.
- Stay happy:)
- Hang out with friends and family.
- Try looking 4 someone
who you think is the best for u.
-Game Over...
Just delete dis msg n get back to work.:

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4 Funny Facts of Marriage

1. Marriage is a relationship in which One
Person is always right and the other
is always Husband.
2. You can't buy love but you pay
heavily for it.
3. Wife and Husband always compromises,
Husband admit that he's wrong and
Wife too agrees with him.
4. Our language is called a Mother Tongue
because the father never gets a chance to speak..

A Real Women

ANY WOMEN can spend a mans
money, ride in his car, order off the menu.
man achieve his goals in life, support him
when he's broke, push him to be
successful, shower him with positive
energy, compliment him on regular basis
and never kick him while he's down.
IF YOU FIND A WOMEN like that,

Heart Touching Story..!

A Man Lost his Wife In Tsunami.....
One Drunk-Night .....
while standing on the Seashore, waves touching
on his feet....
He shouted to the Sea:
'No matter how many times
your Waves Touch my Feet
I'll Never take her back..... !!
Its your mistake..
Deal With It Now.

Marriage will not keep you Together forever

Marriage does not
guarantee you will
be together forever,
it's only paper. It takes
love, respect, trust,
understanding, friendship
and faith in your
relationship to make it last.

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