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Hume bhi OBC maana jaye

Suna hai 1 bank staff log bhi aandolan karne wale hai
vo kahte hai hum log- Oriental Bank of Commerce me kaam
karte hai to hume bhi OBC maana jaye

Karo Ya Maro

Purani soch: Karo ya Maro.
Nai soch: Marne se Phle kuch karo!
Ekdam Nai soch: Jab tak kuch
kar nahi lete maro mat!
Hamari Soch: Koi Bataega Sala karna kya hai?

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Fight Between You & Yourself

Don’t see others doing better than you,
Beat your own records everyday because,
Success is a fight between YOU & YOURSELF.

You can’t and You won’t!!

The ones who say
“You can’t”
“You won’t”
are probably the ones
that are scared that you will..


Confidence doesn’t come
when you have All the answers..
It comes when you are ready
to Face all the problems..!!

Work you are not able to Finish

If there is some work which
you think you are not able to finish,
imagine every day for few minutes
that you have successfully finished the work..

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A Boss v/s Applicant

A boss was telling an applicant the two
main rules of the company
He said, "Our 2nd main rule is cleanliness.
Did you wipe your feet on the mat before
coming in?"
The applicant replied, "Yes sir! I did."
Then the boss said,
"Our 1st main rule is trustworthiness.
There was no mat!"

Difference b/w Secretary & Private Secretary

What is the Difference b/w
secretary & private secretary?
Secretary says
Private Secretary says

Hard Work and Luck

Hard Work Is Like Staircase
and Luck Is Like A Lift.
Lift May Sometimes Fail,
But Staircase Always
Takes Us To The Top.
If You Want A
Comfortable Journey Of Life...
Then Reduce
The Luggage Of Expectation.

Job harder than you Like

Be thankful if you have a job
that is harder than you like.
A razor cannot be sharpened on a velvet

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