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Promise SMS Messages - Find the best rated Hindi and English Promise SMS Messages in this collection. You can also wish ‘Happy promise day’ to your friends on the occasion of Promise day. These promise day quotes are really emotional and definitely will win the heart of the recipient if you send them. These promise day quotes contain beautiful and warm messages. This is the latest collection of Promise SMS Messages. Understand the importance of a promise and share these lovely messages with your friends and family.

Reasons to break Promise

I promise I’ll always with you..
and you know “A prince never lacks
legitimate reasons to break his promise.”
Happy promise Day..

Friendship needs no Promises

*. .*
( ._, )
Need No
No Demands,
& No Expectations.
Just Sincerity & Trust!
Dear Missing U so..

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Necessity of Present

The promise given was a necessity of the past.
The word broken is a necessity of the present.
Happy PRomise day

In the midst of great joy

In the midst of grt joy,
don't promise any-1 anything.
In the midst of grt anger,
dnt answer any-1s letter.

Promise Day Shayari

Aaj Promise Day Hai,,
apne Pyar Se Wada Kro Keh
Kbi Na dil dukhao Gay,
Kbi Na Chhor K Jao Gay
Us K Gham Mein Sog,
or Khushi Mein Muskurao Gay
Hr cheez Se Barh Kar,,
Srf Ussi Ko chaaho Gy,,,
Happy Promise Day

Looser Make Promises

“Denis Whitley” Said..
Looser Make Promises,
They Often Break….
And Winners Make Commitments,
They Always Keep…

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Wordings quote on Promise Day

Today is promise Day,
Nature is 4-ever arriving
& 4-ever departing,
4-ever approaching,
4-ever vanishing,
bt in her vanishings
there seems 2-b-ever
the waving of a hand,
in all her partings,,
a promise of meetings
farther along the road.

We Always Will Meet

Some Try To Hide,
Some Try To Cheat,
But Time Will Show,
We Always Will Meet.
Try As You Might,
To Guess My Name,
I Promise You’ll Know,
When You I Do Claim.
Who Am I?

Human way of ordering the Future

Happy Promise Day,
wish have a good day today,
Promises are de uniquely human way of
ordering de future,,
making it predict-able & reliable,
2-the extent dat dis is humanly possible.

A Promise means Everything

A promise means
But once it is broken,
sorry means NOTHING.

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