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Secret of Boost's energy

Rajnikanth is the
secret of Boost`s energy;
and Complan is a Rajnikanth boy.

Who let the dogs out

Rajnikanth knows
who let the dogs out.

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Acre of Land with 4 Wells

Why did Rajnikanth buy an
acre of land with
4 wells in each corner?
Just to play carom

India`s enemies in North

Q:Why India`s enemies like China
and Pakistan are in north.
A:Bcoz Rajnikant is in south.

Rajnikanth in a 100m race

Rajnikanth participated in 100m race,
obviously he came first,
but Einstein died watching
that coz "Light" came second.

Rajnikanth lost his Wallet

In 2008, Rajnikanth lost his wallet.
And the world went into RECESSION.

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Rajnikanth kicked his sweeper

One Day Rajnikanth
got angry at his sweeper.
He kicked him so hard that
he went flying in d sky with his broom.
2day the boy is famous as

Fart of Rajnikanth

What do you call a
fart of Rajnikanth?
A: Rajnigandha!

Rajnikanth`s dog house

Rajnikanth`s dog house has
sign on it saying:
Beware of Owner.

Intel`s new Advertisement

Intel`s new ad:
Rajnikanth's Inside.

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