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Rude SMS Message - Find the latest collection of rude SMS Messages. These messages are in different languages like- rude SMS messages in Hindi, English and Urdu. This is an awesome collection of rude SMS for boys and girls. These messages are really nasty. Just apt for insulting someone! You can send them to your friends and make them laugh. If you were wondering where you will find some truly nasty and insulting messages then you have landed in just right place.

Kabhi Koi Larki Phansai Hai?

1 boy to another:
Yaar tum ne kabhi koi larki phansai hai?
2nd boy!
Yaar larki main ne phansa leni thi pr tum
logon ne ye mohalla hi chor diya…!
Ha ha ha ha ha

Clay in Your Head

Sweet in your speech......
Purity in your heart .......
Peace in your eyes .......
Strength in your hands ....
But why clay in your head?

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Selected for an Advertisement

My eyes detected
My heart reacted
Thousand were rejected &
Only you were selected.
Because I needed a monkey
for an advertisement.

Golu v/s Dadi

GOLU:Dadi 1 min
Dadi : Are GOLU
GOLU : Dadi Ekkk Minuteee
Dadi : GOLUU
GOLU: Are Buddhi Ruk Ja
Aata Hu Potti Kar Raha Hu

Lion or Elephant

Son: Papa aap lion or elephant me se kya banoge
Dad: Offcource lion beta.
Son: Akhir rahoge janwar hi.

Think About Yourself

Close ur eyes n think about yourself,
ur face
ur style
ur nature
ur smile
ur looks
Now open your eyes
Free main HORROR film

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Yash Johar's New Film

Yash Johar is producing a new film
& is searching 4 new talent.
I've suggested ur name.
Pls go & meet him.
The movie's name is "AQAL HO NA HO"

What do U Think If I SMS u ?

What do U think If I SMS u ?
Is it because I care ? Or I miss u ?
Or I love u ? Or I need You ? No ! It's b'coz...
I need a person for just time pass

Scary Night Wishes

Every nite same Wishes
Little bit diff
Let Devils Guard U,
Mummies Dance around U,
Dracula bite U,
Mohinis sings for U,
have a fearful nite .
Have a Ghost Dreams

Manage your Stupidity

My Thought for the Day
I wouldn't have to
manage my anger
if idiots would
manage their

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