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Girls are like Pokemon

Girls are like Pokemon…
it doesn’t matter how
good you are at the game,
you can’t catch any
if you don’t have any balls.

Jack and Jill

Jack & Jill went up da
hill 2 have a little fun.
But stupid Jill
forgot da pill and now
they have a son.

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Who is the fairest of them all

Mirror Mirror on the wall.
Whos the fairest of them all?
The mirror laughed & den it
spat- It sure aint u. u ugly prat

An argument with your Girlfriend

Going 2 d toilet is
like an argument wiv ur GF.
u start wiv lots of tension,
sit,express ur feelings,
create a lot of noise and finally.

3 words you never wanna hear

Question) What are 3 words
you never wanna hear whilst making love?
Answer) Honey, I’m home! :-)

Sex is not the answer

Sex is not the answer.
Sex is the question.
“Yes” is the answer.

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Network has gone down on Everyone

T-MOBILE regrets 2 inform u that
the network has gone down
on everyone except u.
We regret 2 inform u that
no one would go down on u.
not even a network.

SEX on days begin with T

I only have SEX on days
that begin with T:
Thanksgiving. Tuesday. Thursday.
Today. Tomorrow. Thaturday.
thunday.. Tevery day!

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