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Costs attributed to Smoking

At least 7% of all health care
costs in the United States
are attributed to smoking

After a person quits Smoking

Three years after a person quits smoking,
there chance of having a heart attack
is the same as someone
who has never smoked before

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Convicted for Smoking

A monkey was once tried and convicted
for smoking a cigarette in
South Bend, Indiana

What's more hard to quit??

Smoking is hard to quit
"People think smoking is hard to quit !!
Oh God, clearly
they haven't tried to quit Facebook yet!"

Be a Real Man

Anybody Can Quit Smoking
It Takes A Real Man To Fight
Lung Cancer

Smoking is a Few Minute Kick

Smoking= few minute kick,
Drinking= few hours kick,
Love= few month kick
but friendship is lifelong kick...
but it is spirit of life
good night.

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Trying to give up Smoking

It took a lot of willpower, but
finally I have given up
.........trying 2 give up smoking

Smoking Injurious to Health

Nice lines by a "Broken Heart",
"Few years back smoking was injurious to health.
But in recent years trusting is injurious to life"

Six Components of Wellness

There are six components of wellness:
proper weight and diet,
proper exercise,
breaking the smoking habit,
control of alcohol,
stress management and periodic exams

Smokers have Smoking Heart...

Smokers have smoking heart,
Drinkers have an alcoholic heart.
I request you Plz don't eat sugar
coz u already have a Sweet Heart

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