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Who discovered America??

TEACHER : PAPPU, go to the map
and find North America.
PAPPU : Here it is!
TEACHER : Correct. Now, class,
who discovered America?
CLASS : PAPPPPuuuuu....

Mixed Emotions

Wat is meant by Mixed Emotion?
Ans:Ur enemy falls from 17th
floor on ur brand new Audi car
& u don't know whether to Laugh or :)

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Doesn't anyone Love Men

Daughter : Dad Im Lesbian
Dad: Oh okay
2nd Daughter: I'm Also Lesbian
Dad: OMG! Dosen't Anyone From This Family Love MEN?
Son: Dad.... I Do .. :P :D

Quickest ways of spreading a rumour

3 quickest ways of spreading a rumour(gossip).
* Telegram
* Telephone
* Tell a woman

Tedha Hai Par Mera Hai

Ek Ladki ki t-shirt pe likha tha:
“Amul the taste of india”
Ye dekh ke..
Santa ne apne pant pe likhwaya:
“KurKure tedha hai per mera hai”

Things which happen only in our Bollywood Movies

1. At least one of the identical twins born is evil.
2. While defusing a bomb,
don’t worry which wire to cut,
you will always choose the right one.
3. A police can solve a case only
when he is suspended from duty.
4. A hero will show no pain while getting beaten up
but will show pain when a woman is trying to clean his wound.
5. If you decide to start dancing on street,
everyone around you will know the steps.

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My Last Beer

A SMS sent by a Man 2 his wife:
'Hi Honey, I am just having my last beer, &
I will be home in 30 minutes. If I am
not, please read this SMS again!'

Pappu in Fire Brigade

Pappu in fire brigade...:p
Lady called:"mere ghar aag lagi
Pappu: pani dalaa..????
Lady:"dala, par aag nahi bujhi..
Pappu:"fir hum akar kya krenge,
hum bhi to pani hi

Whisky bina Zindagi Miss ki

Sum say
Whisky is Risky
Sum say
Whisky bina Zindagi Miss ki
Bt I say
Rum Beer ya ho Whisky
Koi Nahi Glfrnd se Zayada Risky
Aj iski kal pata nai kiski...

Girl mehnga perfume laga k lift me gayi

Maha fadu joke :-P:-P :-D:-D
Santa in Lift..
Girl mehnga perfume laga k lift me gayi,
SANTA ko akad k boli Cobra perfume, Rs.6000..:)
2nd girl ayi aur boli Jasmeen perfume"Rs.7000 .. :)
Achanak lift ruk gayi or khuch smell aayi
dono ladkiyon ne apna naak pakda
ko dekhne Lagi... :@
SANTA with smile:- "Muli" 14 Rupey Kilo..

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