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Special SMS Message - Special sms are meant for special ones. You have them in your life and they bring joy to you every day. Express your love and emotions through words. Let them flow and fill their heart. Find some of the very special sms on this site and forward to all your close ones. Special sms for friends, special sms for spouse, special sms for her, special sms for him, love sms for girlfriend, you are special messages, special love quote.

Do not Forget me ever

One advice:
take care
one wish:
don't 4get me ever
one lie:
I don't love u
one fact:
I can't stop missing u

Special People Worth More

Special People R Not
Needed To Be Meet Daily....
Their Memories And
Their Sweetness Worth More..
To Feel Their Closeness....

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Million bucks or a Special Friend

An angel droped by 2day
n asked me if I wanted a million bucks
or a special friend?
Obviously I tuk da money
coz I already have u...

Loose someone as Special as U

ONCE, I knew you...
OFTEN, I miss u...
ALWAYS, I'll care for u...
NEVER, Will I forget u
Coz I never wanna loose
someone as special as U:)

You make my Life worth living

You are so special to me,
you’re my joy, my love, and my life.
Living without you will tear me apart
because you make my life worth living
I love you because
I know you’re always there,
there to catch me when I fall,
there to listen when I need you,
there when I feel alone.

You so Special to Me

Why are you so special to me,
Because I know I can depend on you.
Because you know when to laugh at me
and when to take me seriously !!!

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If Special means...

If "special" means loving, caring & dear,
If "special" means thoughtful too &
if "special" means tender, gentle & kind,
then special surely means U!

Special peoples recieve my Sms

Heart receive love,
Mind receive wisdom,
Hands receive gifts,
and only Special peoples
receive my sms like U.

To Be Someone Special

To be someone is easy,
to be someone nice is harder,
to be someone special might be difficult...
but to know someone like you
is a blessing without difficulty!

All Men are not born Equal

Ur relationship wit me
shows dat all men are not born equal,
because ur outstanding qualities
can not be seen elsewhere,
thanks for being so special.

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