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Student SMS Messages - Students are considered to be the future of mankind as they will apply their learning and knowledge for the development of the world. Student life is the most beautiful and enjoyable time for every person.
Celebrate student life by sharing cute student messages and special student SMS from our site. We include some of the best school-college and even funny exam text messages to be shared.

New exam pattern...

New exam pattern

1. OBC
    who is actor in movie bahubali?

2. SC
   Did you watch bahubali?

3. ST
  which part of bahubali released recently. Part 1 or part 2

4. General:
 why kattapa killed bahubali?

Madam ask Question to student of 12th Standard

Madam ask Question to student of 12th Standard
What you think about ashlilata=vulgarity over
internet?How you see?
Student Answered - We watch in Full HD

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Computerised Study

Syllabus- 80GB
We study- 80MB
Retains in mind- 80KB
Write in exam- 80Bytes
Result comes in binary digits i.e 00 01 10 11
Studnts rock;-) Parents shock....!!:

Great students Flip a Coin

Great students like me flip a coin & think..
Head:- we'll go 2 sleep
Tail:- we'll watch a movie
Stand:- we'll listen2 music
If stays in air:- We'll study.

Oopss! Moment of COLLEGE Life

?The Best "Oopss!" Moment of COLLEGE Life...
When The Teacher is Looking for someone to Answer the Question & you Accidentally make an Eye-Contact!!
Isn't it....¥¥

Don't try this at Home

Open ur books,keep ur mobile
off & start studying.
The above stunts r performed by
highly professionals..
pls dont try this at home...!!

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Sad Story

A Sad Story :(
Ek student ko apni classmatese pyar ho gaya
Ladke ne use propose kiya Lekin
ladki ne inkar kar diya aur
teacher ko uski complain kardi
Teacher ne ladke ko kaafi daanta
or 1 week k liye class se nikal diya
Jab 1 week baad ladka wapas class me gaya
to Ladki ko uss se pyar ho gaya Ladki ne us
ladke kibook me likha: 'I m sorry & I love u too'
Ladke ne koi response nahi diya.
Isi tarah 4 saal guzar gaye
Moral :- bewkoof ladki itna bhi nahi samajti
Ladke kabhi books nahi kholte hai...

Practical in Zoology Lab

Greatest Insult of Boys In ZooLoGy Lab
A Stdnt Complaind:
Sir my frog is pregnant"
Sir ReplieD- SaLa TumPe To
Vishwas krke Ek MenDak b ni De Sakte..

Parties and Submissions

What's the similarity between Parties N Submissions.
VIPs are always last to enter.. :P :D ;)

Students cheating in an Exam hall

2 studnts cheating karne hi
wale the ke
Teachr agya or pucha:
Tum se peche wale larke ne abi
Studnt: Sir is ne pucha Japan
kya hai..
Teachr: Toh tum ne bata dya?
Studnt: Nai Sir... Mene isko
danta tha k
abi to tu ne muje Toka hai
mgr ab na
"TOKYO" :)


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