Teachers Day SMS, Latest Teachers Day Messages for Mobile

Teacher's Day SMS Messages - Share sms and text messages on this Teacher's Day to express your gratitude and respect to all your teachers. Pick an SMS or two to send your love and thankfulness to your educators.
A teacher is a person who sails us through the sea of unawareness towards the light of knowledge. One must remember and love their teacher for life. Select a few respectful words and message it to your teacher. Show utmost thankfulness to all those who made you learn the difference between right and wrong.

No one to Compete

When it comes to teaching
No one can compete with you.
Happy Teachers Day!

Excellent Guider

You are best-est Teacher in this world
I will always remember that
I had an excellent guide
In the form of a teacher - You
Happy Teachers Day!

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Your words are like Guiding lights

Life is a journey and your words
have been a guiding light throughout.
Happy Teachers’ Day!

Guiding me towards the Right path

Thanks for being my teacher and guiding me
towards the right path of life.
I am grateful to you teacher!

Mentor of Life

You have been the mentor of life.
Though I did not realize it earlier.
Now it feels great to have someone
who guided me to the right track in life.
Happy Teacher’s Day!

You are more than a Teacher

You have been more than a teacher-
a mentor, guide, and philosopher!
Thanks for blessings me.

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Best Of Me

Just wanted to say that--
Best of me, reminds me of you.
Happy Teachers’ Day!

Better Teacher than you

All my life,
I have never been able
to find a teacher better than you.
You are definitely the
best teacher in the world.
Happy teacher’s day Sir.

Teached and Guided so effectively

To give selflessly, to teach intelligently
and to guide effectively are the tasks only
you could do so well Ma’am.
Hope you have all the happiness in the world.
Happy teacher’s day to the
best teacher in the world!!!

Words Of Gratitude

You have constantly encouraged,
guided and motivated me
so this words of gratitude
came from my heart thank you
4 being my best teacher.
Happy Teacher's Day

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