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Teasing SMS Messages - We have the best collection of Teasing SMS to be exchanged with your boyfriend, girlfriend and other friends circle. Enjoy these flirty teasing messages and insulting texts by sharing them with your friends.
Teasing is very common between friends these days. It is a way of having fun and laughing at each other. If you are looking for some healthy teasing jokes and SMS then you are surfing the right page.

Tu ne mera dood piya hai

A black boy was crying and saying to his buffalo
- y i m so black everyone teases me
buffalo - "tu ne mera dood piya hai
tu bilkul mere jesa hai.

A true friend Tease like sister

A true friend scolds like a dad....
cares like a mom...
Tease like sister...
Irritates like brother...
& finally LOVES U more than a LOVER.....

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Tu Hi To Mera Dost He

Hurt me
Tease me
Make me Cry.
In d end
Give me ur shoulder on which i can Cry..
Tu hi to Mera dost he.

Ants To Tease Aunt

My aunt afraids of ants,
my uncle understands her and collected
some ants to tease her.

Dear friend You are Valued

Met u, became friends, had fun,
freaked out, shared secrets,
fought wid u,over u,for u,
cried 4 u,wid u, teased u,
hurt u, missed u, n here
m stil thinking of u.
Long journey huh?
Will never let it end, right?
Just wanted you to know
that Dear friend, you are valued

Tease a Fruit

Q. How do you tease fruit?
A. Banananananananana!

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Definition of a Skeleton

What's the definition of a skeleton?
A striptease that went just too far...

In the End of my Life

Hurt me,
Tease me,
Make me cry,
But in the end of my life,
when i die plz ATLEAST
keep 1 rose on my grave & say

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