True Love SMS, Latest True Love Messages for Mobile

True Love SMS Message - True love cannot be expressed in words but still these latest true love SMS messages will take you close to this special bond. These true love SMS messages are best to impress your girlfriend or boyfriend. You will find many unique latest true love SMS messages in this collection. Do not take a lot of time and just pick the best among true love SMS messages for him or from true love SMS messages for her.

Conquer the whole world

I WILL Conquer the whole
world with my single hand
If You are holding the other

True Love fills your Heart

True Love doesn't just
fill your heart
it overflows into
your whole body and soul
Good Afternoon

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Possessiveness and Anger

Possessiveness is the outcome of true love''
''Anger is the outcome of real care".
So accept the both from your loved ones..

True Love hard to find

True luv is hard 2 find.
Special 1-1 of a kind.
But the luv inside of me is true.
It appeared the day I met you!

Hiding your True Love felling

A bell is not a bell
untill sum1rings it...
A song is not a song
untill sum1 sings it...!!
Don't hide ur true love feeling
coz love is not love
untill sum1 reveals it

To miss Someone without Reason

TRUE LOVE means:
To FEEL someone in ever HEARTBEAT,
to FIND someone in every THOUGHT,
to SEE someone with CLOSED EYES,
and to MISS someone without reason:)

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True Love is like a Pillow

True Love is like a pillow.
U could HUG it when Ur in trouble.
U could CRY on it when Ur in pain.
U could EMBRACE it when Ur happy.
Want True Love?
Spend Rs.50 buy a Pillow.

True Love is like a Game

True love is like a boy playing Carrom
Always afraid of losing his queen.
A girl playing chess
risking everything just 2 protect her king.

What True Love is all about??

Is Not About The
'Hugs n Kisses'
The 'I Love You'
The 'I Miss You'
But About The 'Chills'
That Hit Every Part 0f
Your Spine When You Think
About Him/Her..!!

Only True Love knows

Only true Love Understands...
The Language Of Our Eyes...
Only True Love Knows When...
These Eyes Hide The Tears...
Deep Within And How To..
Make These Tears Die!!


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