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Wisdom SMS Message - Wisdom SMS text messages are very inspiring and you will not resist forwarding it to your loved ones. These words of wisdom hidden in wisdom SMS text messages are really expensive than ruby. Find the best free wisdom SMS messages here. Spread good thoughts through these intelligent wisdom SMS Messages. Motivate others by sharing these best wisdom quotes and thoughts.

Do what is Right

You have to do what is
right for yourself
Nobody else is
walking in your shoes.

Everything you do

Everything you do
does not need to be

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Do not chase money

Don't chase money
Chase purpose
let money chase you

God sends us on strong paths

If god sends us
on strong paths
we are provided
strong shoes.

So hard to be Happy

The reason people find it
so hard to be
happy is that
they always see the past
better than it was
The present
worse than it is and
the future less resolved than
it will be..

Do not Complain about Yesterday

won't make tomorrow
any better.

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