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Wise Words SMS Message - Wise Words SMS Text messages are meant to spread the sensible words. These wise words SMS Messages are available in different flavors. Full of wise sayings these wise words SMS messages are best to share. This collection contains numerous English and Hind wise words SMS Messages. Wise words SMS Messages are for everyone!

Raise your Words

Raise your words
not voice
It is the rain that
grows flowers

No Rest is Worth


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Test of Courage

The greatest test of courage
on earth is to bear defeat
without losing heart

The world to treat you Fairly

Expecting the world
to treat u fairly,
Because u r a good person,
Is like expecting the lion
not to attack u,
Because u r a vegetarian..
Think about it.

Property of Brilliants

Victory is not the
property of brilliants.
It is the crown for those
Who bow themselves in front of
Hard work & confidence.

Success is never Permanent

Success is never permanent.
Failure is never final.
So always do not stop effort
Until ur victory makes a history

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Collisions of Future

Life is a series of
collisions with the future;
It is not the sum of
what we have been,
But what we yearn to be..

When you are on the Wrong side...

A great saying -
Everything comes ur way
Whn ur on the wrong side of the highway.

The Position you hold

Never be proud, nor be depressed
For what position u hold.
Because after a game of chess,
The king and the soldiers go into same box.

Your Work can make your Luck

Luck is not in your hands,
But work is in your hands.
Your work can make your luck,
But your luck can’t make your work.
Always trust yourself and do your best.


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