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Women's Day SMS Messages - A women is considered to be the most beautiful creation of god. She is the epitome of love, care, affection and kindness! One must show full respect to a lady. She deserves to be treated well with love. A day which must be designed especially for them. On such an occasion, a sweet combination of simple words can make her very special.
Make a women in your life feel special on this Women's Day by sharing few lines of text messages and Sms from our collection. Send some wishes, quotes and greetings showing respect and gratitude towards them.

Child fish and a Mother fish

1 day child fish ask da mother fish:
Mom y we can’t live on Earth ......
Da Mother fish said 2 her child fish:
Dear....it’s not a place 4 fish
...it’s a place of selfish...

Strong ally in a Women

This LIFE has no existence
without a strong ally in WOMAN
in every stage of life starting
from Motherhood to Wife,
Sister & finally a Daughter.

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Occasion of Woman's day

On this occasion of woman's day,
I want to say THANK U
for making a difference in my life..
Thanks for being there..

International Celebration Day for Women

Women's Day an International
celebration day for women.
Women's Day is celebrated on
8th of March every year.
It is Beauty…
An Inspiration,
A Confidence…
In this special day,
we pledge to celebrate….
Happy Women’s Day !

Nikali hu mai kuch badlne ko...

Few Words with lots of meaning ..***
Liye aankho mai bebasi ,honsalo mai dard
Nikali hu mai kuch badlne ko,
jalti hu mai jalta hai mera bharat,
sihar jata hai khoon meri rago mai
Bahut sah chuki mai,
royi hu bahut bachpan se,
aj nikli hu mai durga banke,
pass na ana jal jaoge,
kali hu mai sanghAr hoga,
bahut sah liye aj mai aayi hu jalne
ek swtantra bharat ke liye....
nikli hu mai ankho mai bebasi liye,
kuchla hai mere sapno ko,
har gali ke nukkad pe,
saha hai maine kanto ko,
mai nikli hu aj yeh desh badlne ko.

A Proverb by Cherokee

A women's highest calling
is to lead a man
to his soul so as to
unite him with source.
A man's highest calling
is to protect women
so she is free to walk
the earth unharmed.

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Women of Strength

A strong women
does not let the
hardships of life
tear her apart.
But a women of
strength goes on to
accomplish what
she wants even
when she is torn apart.

Women with 3 sides

Every women has 3 sides...
1. The quiet and
sweet side.
2. The fun and
crazy side.
3. The side you
never want to see.

Treat your women like a Princess

A man who treats his
women like a princess
is a proof that he has
been born and raised in
the arms of a queen.

You can do almost anything

You can do almost anything
you put your mind to …
You can swim the deepest ocean
and climb the highest peak …
Be a doctor or fly a plane
You can face adversity
and still walk tall.
You are strong, beautiful,
compassionate and much
more than words could ever say!
Today is yours,
and so is ever other day…
Happy Women’s Day!

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