World Health Day SMS, Latest World Health Day Messages for Mobile

World Health Day SMS Message - World Health Day is celebrated to create awareness for importance of Health. World Health day is celebrated on 7th of April. You must also forward these inspiring World Health Day SMS Messages to your friends and family. This way you will be able to spread the message on Health issue. World Health Day SMS messages focus on gathering the attention of readers so that they realize the need of global health. Find the best and unique Word Health Day sms messages in this collection.

Health and Wealth

People spend their health gaining wealth,
and then have to spend their wealth
to regain their health.
!!World Health Day!!

Say No to Tobocco

Say No to tobocco & smoking
eat more fruits & vegetables
and exercise regularly
!!World Health Day!!

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Kissing burns calories

One minute of kissing burns 26 calories.
So start kissing and get Healthy
!!World Health Day!!

Time to take control over Health

Time to take control over your health today!
!!World Health Day!!
‘Eat Healthy’
stay healthy
!!World Health Day!!

Gifted Leadership

Gifted leadership occurs when
heart and head feeling and though-meet.
These are the twon winds
that allow a leader to soar
!!World Health Day!!

When Health is Absent

When health is absent
Wisdom cannot reveal itself
Art cannot manifest
Strength cannot fight
Wealth becomes useless
And intelligence cannot be applied.

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Have cheerful and healthy Hearts

The thousand mysteries around us would
Not trouble but interest us,
If only we had cheerful, healthy hearts.

An Oath on ocassion of Health Day

On ocassion of Health Day,
Lets take an Oath to
take healthy diets,
do regular exercise and
say no to tobacco.
For a stronger Heart & Healthy life…
Happy World Health Day/Heart Day

Importance to Global Health

World Health day on April 7
Every year is an opportunity to draw
Worldwide attention to a subject of
Major importance to global health

Foundation Of W.H.O

World Health Day is celebrated
on 7 April to mark the anniversary
of the founding of WHO in 1948.
The day provides an opportunity to start
collective action on a single global health
challenge and to engage everyone in finding
solutions that benefit us all.

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